Mission and Vision

Commitment towards selfless, excellent and sustainable service to all our communities.
The Amathole District Municipality, in its developmental mandate, is dedicated in contributing to:
* Ensuring access to socio-economic opportunities.Building the capacity of local municipalities within ADM's area of jurisdiction.
* Ascribe to a culture of accountability and clean governance.
* Sound financial management.
* Political and administrative interface to enhance good service delivery.
* Contributing to the betterment of our communities through a participatory development process.
  • Selflessness

We will commit and dedicate ourselves to the provision of services to our community.
  • Pro-poor

The poorest of the poor will be the main focal point for ADM's business and service delivery.
  • Responsiveness

We will continue to strive for improved turnaround time in the delivery of services and in dealing with our valuable customers.
  • Transformative

We will make considerable strides to ensure sufficient institutional capacity (skills and human capital) to effect transformation.

  • Inclusivity

We will include all our stakeholders in our planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting in ensuring an integrated effort towards service delivery.
  • Dignity and respect

We will ensure that our service delivery restores human dignity and respect.
  • Good work ethics

We will be professional in our conduct and ascribe to the Batho Pele principles.
  • Transparency

Throughout our business operations we will ensure access to information and fairness to our stakeholders.
  • Integrity

We will constantly conduct ourselves with utmost integrity as councillors and officials of ADM.
  • Accountability

We are committed to being held to account by our stakeholders.